UNC Cisgender Males Start Own Closed Facebook Group “Bros Who Board”

CHAPEL HILL, NC- After discovering that women and female-identifying students at UNC have a private Facebook group called “Babes Who Blade,” cisgender males have reportedly created their own private Facebook message board called “Bros Who Board.” Like “Babes” does for women on campus, the page serves as a safe-space for cisgender males to discuss topics with their fellow penis-havers that they may be embarrassed to discuss publicly, and as a way for cisgender males of all kinds to meet and support one another.  “It’s so wonderful,” said Mark Anderson, a cisgender male sophomore, “having a space that’s just for us is honestly so refreshing.”

Each post in the group is addressed to other members nicknamed “Bros,” and asks other cisgender males who may have relevant experience for advice or support. Posts so far have reportedly been addressed to a wide range of members such as “Bros who fuck,” “Bros who pull,”  “Bros who fap,” and other such subgroups within the cisgender male community. “It’s such a powerful thing when you realize you’re not alone,” said Andrew Whitman, a student at UNC who has been a cisgender male his whole life. “For so long I was afraid to discuss a lot of this stuff because I didn’t have a group as supportive as this one. It’s really changed my life.”

Topics of discussion cover many points of insecurity for cisgender males such as “Is my dick too small,” “How big should my dick be?” and “Do girls like my dick?” These discussions appear to often branch out and address common hardships among college-age men such as “chicks who won’t give out” and “bitches being bitches.”

“Finally I feel like I can ask other men about why I’m not slaying pussy on the regular without being called a name or demeaned,” said Jason Seever, another cisgender male on campus who was recently called a “creepy asshole” by a female student. “This is why I’m glad the page admins don’t allow female members. It’s just so comforting to not worry about being attacked.”

The anonymous administrators of the page have asked non-cisgender male students to respect the sanctity of the safe-space they have created and hope that the page can “serve as a medium for the advancement of the interests of all cisgender male students.” They have asked any non-cisgender male students who are barred from membership but support the cause to please send nudes.

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