OBITUARY: Zion’s Left Shoe

DURHAM, NC- Zion Williamson’s Left Shoe passed away late Wednesday night at Cameron Indoor Stadium in a murder-suicide, killing both himself and Zion Williamson’s knee. He is survived by his lifelong partner Right Shoe and his dear friends Right and Left Sock.

Left Shoe, during his short life, was a fixture of the Duke community, supporting college basketball’s most sought-after prospect, Zion Williamson through several victories. “I just don’t understand why he would just end it like that,” said Williamson. “I never would’ve believed it if you’d told me he would take my knee with him too. He was never violent.”

“He was a good shoe,” said Coach Mike Krzyzewski. “I want his family to know that the Duke basketball community is there for them, and that he will be deeply missed. Especially because now UNC won’t get any actual credit for beating us by 16.”

“I blame myself,” said Left Shoe’s partner Right Shoe. “I didn’t see the signs, or maybe I just wasn’t looking for them.” Left Shoe left no note or will and testament. His possessions will pass in their entirety to Right Shoe.

A midnight vigil will be held for Left Shoe and Zion’s knee on Thursday at Duke Chapel.

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