BREAKING: Bryce is DJing Tonight

PANTANA BOB’S, NC- It was confirmed late Monday that Bryce will be DJing tonight from 9-10 and that you should totally come out. Bryce will be performing at Pantana Bob’s, a local bar, which is “actually a super legit gig.” The usual 9-10 performer DJ Boomerang! reportedly called in sick, leaving an opportunity for Bryce, who usually just does house parties, to have his first real bar gig. “I’m usually down to get paid in beer and just kinda jam, ya know, but tonight’s gonna be huge,” said Bryce who has apparently been working on some dope new mixes. “I just pirated Logic’s new single ‘Please Please Please Don’t Kill Yourself’ so it should be poppin’ off.”

Bryce’s success did not come easily, however, as he has been “puttin’ in the work lately.” Bryce has been experimenting with beats for a few months now and has asked DJ Boomerang! several times to “hit him up if he ever needs a cover.”  

“Yeah, I asked about four of my buddies if they could cover and no one could so I texted Bryce,” said Boomerang!. “I think he’s got some potential if he’d just stop playing that GrimeStep remix of Mr. Brightside.”

“You should for sure come out it’s gonna be sick,” said Bryce, “it’s just gonna be drinks, b*****s, and music.” Bryce totally gets it if you have plans but you really don’t even have to stay the whole time. He would appreciate you just showing out to support.

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