Summer Internship Super Cool, Great Opportunity

NEW YORK, NEW YORK- According to sources, the summer internship your friend got for this summer is “super cool” and a “great opportunity.” Your friend was reportedly “psyched” when he found out he’d be working as an intern at the management consulting firm Deloitte. “I was so pumped when I found out, like this the first step towards a career for me,” said your friend, who is an Econ major who did not want to be a business major anyways.

The internship, which will take your friend to New York City, will provide him with an exciting chance to get familiar with the world of consulting as well as the urban lifestyle. “There are so many sick bars near my apartment,” said your friend, “and they’re like so chill on fakes.”

Your friend, whose dad works at Deloitte, was “super surprised” that he got the highly sought after position. “Like only like 2% of people who apply get it,” said your friend, who has been to New York a bunch of times and “kind of knows how to get around already.”

According to Deloitte, your friend will be working on individual projects as well as shadowing senior executives who “literally have the exact job” your friend hopes to get someday. At press time, your friend was “sure” that you’d find something cool to do too and that he could try and put in a good word for you next year.

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