Students Abroad Enjoying Intense, Temporary Friendship

LONDON, UK- According to sources, Lexi Williams and Taylor Smith, two UNC students studying abroad in London are in the midst of exploring a new, beautiful and temporary friendship. “I literally love her,” said Lexi of Taylor, with whom she will never interact again upon returning to the United States. “We’re honestly so lucky that we met each other here,” said Smith, “like its been so nice to have someone to explore with.”

Apparently, Williams and Smith “would have never hung out” if they’d stayed in Chapel Hill because Williams is a Phi Mu and Smith is a Tri Delt, and, in fact, will never hang out in Chapel Hill ever.

“I was worried nobody would wanna go out here,” said Smith who was nervous about going abroad without her friends from home, “but like everyone is so chill and Lexi is honestly my best friend. We actually have so much in common and she sorta gets me like no one ever has before.”

Smith and Williams, who originally bonded after getting lost in the Shoreditch district at 3 AM and realizing that they are both Pisces, both love Hozier and both recently went through a break up and are “just kind of doing their thing” for the time being. “She’s like my sister,” said Williams, who in seven years will be pity invited to Smith’s wedding and will elect not to attend.

“I think I’ve kind of moved away from my sorority friends and found something more real,” said Lexi. “I kinda think Lexi is gonna be one of those lifelong friends,” said Taylor incorrectly. In reality, in less than one year, Lexi will run into Taylor on her way to class and, for a brief but noticeable moment, forget her name.

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