Touching Tribute: Student Recalls Time He Skimmed Toni Morrison’s ‘Beloved’ in High School

WINSTON SALEM, NC- In a touching tribute to Toni Morrison, the American literary titan who died Tuesday at 88, student Michael Greene fondly recalled the time he flipped through her universally acclaimed work ‘Beloved’ in his AP Literature class.

“What a book,” said Greene who reportedly spent upwards of 3 hours skimming the American classic and writing in believable annotations like “Interesting!” and “Symbolism?”

“Really left a mark on me,” said Greene, who also spent a whole evening reading virtually the entire SparkNotes page and watching a Crash Course Literature video about the groundbreaking work.

“Like the part where she ya know… kills the baby… that was pretty wild, and like the slavery stuff was crazy too. Really makes ya think ya know.” Greene who apparently read “almost all the chapters” of Morrison’s magnum opus considers it his “favorite book.”

“She really did a good job,” continued Greene, “like how’d she come up with all those characters and stuff? I was pretty impressed. And the ghost baby? Shit that was spooky.”

Ms. Stephenson, Greene’s AP Literature teacher, also recalled the effect the novel had on him stating, “he spoke up in class and I could tell he at least opened the book because he knew character names and the basic plot.” According to Stephenson, Greene made several passable contributions to class discussion in regard to Morrison’s work such as “I think she really is pretty sad about having to kill the baby,” and “Maybe it’s cuz they’re black?”

“Didn’t realize she was that old,” said Greene of Morrison’s passing. “Honestly thought ‘Beloved’ was written in like the 90’s but yeah gosh so sad. I wonder if they’ll make a movie of it ya know.”

According to sources, Greene is now considering skimming ‘Song of Solomon.’

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