Alt-Boy Wants to Know if You’ve Ever Heard of The Strokes

CHAPEL HILL, NC- “Have you ever heard of a band called The Strokes?,” area alternative boy Jeremy Davis asked you late Monday. “They’re like alternative rock? You might have heard ‘Someday’? Or maybe ‘Last Nite’?,” he continued.

Before you could answer that not only have you heard of The Strokes, but you are a big fan and have heard a lot of their songs, alt-boy Jeremy continued, asking, “have you ever heard ‘Reptilia’? It’s a little different than stuff from ‘This Is It’ but it’s so good. Like it really shows their growth as artists on ‘Room on Fire’ and Julian Casablancas is just a god I mean wow.”

“Uh..,” you said before being interrupted by alt-boy Jeremy, who went on to say how he’s seen some of their original live performances on YouTube and that you should check them out as “kind of an introduction.”

“They really kind of invented alt rock as we know it today,” continued Jeremy, “like without them there’s no Vampire Weekend, no the 1975… oh sorry do you know who they are? They’re so good too. I mean ‘Somebody Else’ will just make you cry its so good.”

“Any way nice to meet you. My Spotify is Jeremy-Music1 if you wanna check out some of my playlists,” said alt-boy Jeremy to you as you walked away.

At press time alt-boy Jeremy had posted a video on Instagram of himself playing ‘Riptide’ by Vance Joy on guitar.

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