White Cis Student Tries Atheism in Effort to Increase Diversity on Campus

CHAPEL HILL, NC- Local White Cisgender Male Timothy Worthy announced, Thursday, that, in an effort to make UNC a more diverse and tolerant campus, he is going to stop believing in God.

“I figured that, considering I am a full-on WASP, I might as well get rid of one of those letters,” said Worthy. “I was concerned looking around and seeing so many people like me on campus, just white and male and going to church and stuff, so I decided to take action.”

Worthy, who was raised in the Episcopal Church, says his mom might not accept him after he reveals his true self to her. “She’s pretty religious so that’s gonna be an uncomfortable conversation,” said Worthy, “but I think this will do a lot for other closeted atheists on campus and will help make minorities feel more accepted here at UNC.”

Worthy, who watched a YouTube video of Christopher Hitchens before deciding to become an atheist, insisted that, even though it was a tough process of self-reflection, renouncing his belief in a higher power is the best path for him. “I think I’m ready to bring my people out of the shadows and say loud and clear, ‘we are here, we don’t believe in God and that’s OK!”

According to sources, Worthy has recently made a point to call his Christian friends on their privilege, reminding them that not everybody in America is like them.

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