DKE Basement to be Designated UNESCO World Heritage Site

CHAPEL HILL, NC- In honor of its “historical, cultural and aesthetic significance,” the basement of DKE was recently named by the United Nations as part of the 2019 list of protected UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

“We feel that the weight of this historic place, where so many have achieved so much and so much suffering occurred must be preserved through the ages,” said Tarik Hanoyama, the director of UNESCO. “We want to make sure people remember what happened here, and many many people already do not remember. For this reason we intend to protect the site from destruction or alteration over the years.”

With its new designation, heavy fines can be lobbied against anyone who damages or deliberately alters the property. “That means throwing up in the corner,” said Hanoyama. The DKE fraternity will also have to ask the United Nations for explicit permission when they spray paint something on the wall or host a late night.

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