Volunteer Needed! Religion Major Has Baptism Due Friday

THE HEAVENLY KINGDOM- Area religion major Marcus Sheffield is looking for a volunteer willing to devote his or her life to Christ by 9:00 am Friday. As part of an assignment for his class “Christianity in Modern America,” Sheffield is required to be ordained a minister and successfully complete at least one conversion by the end of the week. According to Sheffield, any student willing to become a Child of God and lifelong servant of His will is acceptable.

“Seriously I learned like 14 words in Latin for this and it won’t take more than like half an hour,” said Sheffield. “I won’t even fully submerge you and if you want I won’t even use Holy Water.”

Sheffield has requested that the student bring white linen robes of their own and to renounce Satan prior to arrival to save time. If interested students can reach Sheffield at jesushomie40@unc.live.edu

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