One of Davis Library Streakers Actually Pretty Hot

CHAPEL HILL, NC- In keeping with tradition, several students participated in the annual streak through Davis Library last night, one of whom, according to sources, was actually pretty damn attractive.

“I mean the guy was fully naked and wearing what looked like a child’s Iron Man mask, but like I’d hit that,” reported onlooker Sarah Haberman, who had not expected to oggle at any of this years streakers. “Normally it just makes me feel kinda weird and I try not to make eye contact with anyone but this guy just kind had what mama wants,” continued Haberman.

“I saw him too,” said Jessica Clark who was watching the event with friends from the ground floor of Davis. “I kinda gave a double-take cuz like… damn. All my friends wanted me to go talk to him but he just kept on running, ass-out, into the distance. I’m not gonna lie I even thought the “USA” painted on his pecs was pretty sexy.”

At press time, the hot masked streaker, who disappeared promptly after the singing of “Hark! the Sound,” has yet to be identified.

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