Area Junior Still Not Over Avicii

CHAPEL HILL, NC- Area Junior Stephen Driver has “just not been the same” since the premature death of Swedish EDM legend Avicii in 2018. “I just listen to ‘Wake Me Up’ like all the time and think about how many bangers the world lost that day,” said Driver as he looked wistfully out of a window. “I know he went when it was his time, but why did he have to go? I still turn on ‘Levels’ at every pregame just so he knows he’s not forgotten.”

“Sometimes Stephen will just sit in his room alone and listen to ‘Waiting for Love’ and sob,” said Driver’s fraternity brother Clark Jacobs. “He thinks we can’t hear him, but we can.” According to reports, Driver has attained a cumulative 2.0 GPA over the last 2 years largely as a result of his crippling grief.

“I know that he would’ve wanted us to feel alive every day and live up to the message of his music,” said Driver, “but some days I just can’t. RIP Avicii, oh and also Mac,”

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