Area Babysitter Fighting Off Bad Case of Baby Fever

CARRBORO, NC- Area babysitter Allison Greene is, according to recent reports, fighting off a nasty case of baby fever as of Sunday afternoon. Greene who babysits the “two cutest little nuggets” in Carrboro, has consistently tried to fend off the natural drive to procreate during her weekly visits with the children, but has so far been unable to escape her maternal impulses.

“I just need a baby,” said Greene, who is 21. “I’m aware that having a child would radically alter my life in ways I am utterly unprepared to deal with at my age, but god they’re just so CUTE,” said Greene. “I think if I could take care of the baby for like three hours a day I would do it right away.”

The children Greene babysits are Jenna and Michael Seever of Carrboro who are 4 and 2 respectively. According to Greene they are the “sweetest little babies,” and if all kids were like them she’d have some of her own in a heartbeat.

Greene is concerned, however, about her abilities as a mother stating, “my friends all say I’m gonna be the best mom, but like I’m just so selfish right now in my life, like, I don’t know if I can do it.” As a full-time student and young woman living life to the fullest, she remains unsure if the domestic life is for her.

“When I take care of those sweet little cuties, though, I just know I NEED to have babies!!” continued Greene. Unfortunately for Greene, there are no fatherhood-worthy male prospects at UNC.

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