Student Turns Normal Behavior Into Effective Social Distancing Strategy

RALEIGH, NC- Erin Reeves, a sophomore at UNC has been able to perfectly follow guidelines for social distancing put forward by the CDC and WHO this week simply by not changing her typical routine at all. “This is pretty much what I’d do all day in Chapel Hill,” said Reeves, who has managed to avoid human contact for 48 hours without any effort or forethought.

Reeves, who has already finished ‘Love is Blind’ and is now rewatching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ for the third time, has been cited by North Carolina health officials as a great example for young people to follow. “We know it’s hard to avoid going out with friends for young people who are not vulnerable to the virus,” said infectious disease expert Dr. Greta Drummond, “but if we all did what Erin does every day any way we would be able to flatten the curve and protect our more vulnerable citizens.”

At press time, Reeves had watched half of a Netflix documentary about pandemics and painted a water-color picture of her own bedroom.

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