Cam Professor to Offer Exclusive Office Hours

ZOOM- Chemistry cam professor Dr. Jared Gurskin has announced his intention to offer one-on-one office hours to a group of lucky students who can sign up on a private Google Doc. “I wanted to do something special for my students,” said Dr. Gurskin, who has tried to expand participation in his class since moving the course to remote instruction. “I figured it would be nice for my most loyal students to ask me whatever they want in a private format, especially if they’d be too embarrassed to ask it of me during a live Zoom broadcast with other students listening,” continued Gurskin.

According to students, Dr. Gurskin’s private office hours are very difficult to get into as the sign up often fills up rapidly. “People just get a little too keen about things like this,” said chemistry major Heather Farrow. According to Dr. Gurskin, his goal is to make his sessions feel as close to the real thing as possible.

At press time, Dr. Gurskin was considering monetizing his most popular office hours on OnlyFans.

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