Mom Back In The Game

HOME- Area mom Jennifer Daniels is back in action after her son Walt returned from UNC to quarantine as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. “Let’s fucking ride,” said Jennifer as she started meal planning for 3 instead of 2.

“I’ve been out of practice for a while but I’m back and back to win,” continued Jennifer, who has not been able to fold Walt’s laundry since 2018. “People may have counted me out, but I’ve stayed sharp all these years just in case.” Jennifer has reportedly saved up hundreds of awkward, open-ended questions to ask her son while he’s home, and has stocked the snack cabinet with all the foods “he used to just love.”

“I honestly didn’t know she still had it in her,” said Jennifer’s husband and Walt’s father Tim Daniels. “She used to love having free time without kids in the house, but now she’s out here guns blazing. I mean yesterday she just brought Walt a snack without him even asking.”

At press time, Jennifer’s son Walt had still not noticed that his mother had altered her behavior for his return in any way.

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